September 24, 2013

New start.

Over the course of 2013 I've been to a lot of conventions and have seen and experience both good and bad. 

There are truly some amazing artists out there. Amazing. 

In traveling so much I have neglected a ton of things. More or less I do blame myself in thinking that I was building something with someone that in tire was not or never their intention to follow through. But was used to finance and be used as a means to better their situation until they came across something better. 

Even so. I now have chosen what I'm doing and am making sure that things are legal and on the up and up. Which is taking some time. 

What is in store for the future. Books. All new pinups. Sketchbooks. Coloring books. Merchandise and licensing. 

I've branded the studio with a logo that is  easily to be used as a brand. 

I've had to bail on some conventions because I've had to start from step one again. I don't have someone paying our way. And have had a few set backs but, I'm working on them. 

I'll be blogging more often now.   

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