November 18, 2010

Claims that the virus was caused by rage-infected monkeys have now been dismissed as bull-

Loving this......most yrs I never get a flu shot because it just makes me sick after I get this yr because doing conventions I figured "You know, I should get one.....just in case."  thinking to myself while looking down at the sign for $15.00 flu shots.

And the end result, yup....sick.  So, now I'm drinking NyQuil and DyQuil for the last two days...and pretty much I'm here....but not really....just a lack of energy.  Good news, I'm almost over it.

While looking up Flu and Zombie at the same time, I'm overwhelmed by the hundreds of websites where the most common question asked is "Will the Flu shot turn me into a zombie?"  

I had to laugh to myself because normally anyone reaching past the education level of high school would not have to ask this question.  I also took into account the amount of questions that were asked just because someone had to ask the question, but they were not serious.

Reading over some of these questions, there are ... for me that is.... a rather alarming amount of people out there that are very serious in their questions ...and, are afraid that the flu shot will turn them into a zombie......which to me makes me have to laugh...almost out-loud...but enough for me to sit here and eat up about 45 minutes of my life while I'm waiting for customers to sketch.

Where does this belief come from in that there is a percentage of our population that thinks that undead walk the earth?  Medically speaking it is near impossible....but would be amusing if it happened...and for people that don't run fast....well...I guess it wouldn't be that amusing to them as they turned into a running buffet for the undead.

Just thought I'd share this little nugget with you.

Cheers mate

Troy Zurel 

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