November 18, 2010

Short Interview with Bag and Board - Ian Mondrick

Dann and I were lucky enough to meet Troy Zurel at Wizard World Philly this year….the day went live!  We bumped into him at NYCC this year, and even though he’s got so much coming up in the next few months, he was able to take some time and answer some questions for your regular Thursday interview on the (almost) legendary Bag And Bored!

Bag and Bored is obviously the most important website of all time.  Since you’ll be incredibly famous after this interview, introduce yourself so the entire world will know what to expect from you.
My name is Troy Zurel….I’m primarily known in the comic book industry as an inker….pencil at times.  Just had Issue 4 of Widow Warriors land in stores from Dynamite Entertainment.
Who is your  favorite comic book character of all time?  
 Of all time……lots of characters. Lol. Maybe…The Crow.  It was just an interesting character and seemed very character driven.  Also…The Maxx.  Just love Sam Keiths work.
What is the one character you’d like to resurrect and subsequently work on?  (Please make sure your answer includes ‘The Space Knight ROM, since no one seems to remember how awesome he is…)
The Maxx……that’s just me wanting to ink some of Sam’s pencils.  And his pages are really insane……sort of like Pink Floyd “The Wall” meets Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
We had the pleasure of meeting at Wizard World Philly, where you worked on a tremendous ‘Kick-Ass’ sketch for us.  How many requests do you get for *ahem* ‘adult-themed’ artwork?
 I get it a lot… I mentioned I pencil too…just takes me longer…..when you mean adult themed work…..what does that imply?  Cheese – cake pinups? Or full on XXX open your eyes and say ah?
How many titles do you generally read a month, and what ones do you look forward to the most?  (And would you like to give your local comic book shop a shout out in the hopes of getting a better discount?)
I really don’t read a lot of comics to tell you the truth….I’ll flip thru a lot of them and check out the artwork….but, you’ll almost never see me sitting down reading a comic.  This is not that I don’t enjoy them…..My mind tends to race about a hundred miles an hour…..and ……..while I’m reading it….I’ll look at the art and try to break it down in my head….kind of ruins the reading experience for me.
As for my local comic shop….Comic Cubical in Williamsburg Virgina.
Troy, we’ve enjoyed your company tremendously.  Before you go, could you give the people some information on where to see more of your stuff, and how they can fork over some hard earned cash to obtain some of your sublime artwork?
I have 4 issues of Widow Warriors on the stores right now…..working on a couple of other projects that I can’t release info about just yet…..but you can find me at most East Coast Conventions in the artist alley.  I’ll be at MegaCon and C2E2 starting out 2011 and of course Heroes, Philly and NYCC)
You can check out some of Troy’s work at his awesome blog, and on his deviant art page here!  A huge thanks again to Troy for taking the time to talk to us!  We can’t wait to see what 2011 hold for you!

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