November 17, 2010

First post.... Pickles and thumbs.....

Well, it's a fresh new blog, which means fresh new work to upload.  Most of the images that you will see uploaded will be at large enough dpi for colorist to grab and color.  

Why the fresh start?  Well, it's almost a new year.....and I was getting really tired of looking at the blog before ....being that it was dark and ....well....we'll just leave it at that.

Lots of things coming up, and lots of things in the works for 2011...which I may say is just around the corner.

Had a great 2010...and am looking forward to 2011.  Doing a lot of conventions starting in March...and planning some great surprises and things to offer everyone attending those conventions.

Below are two pieces that I just finished inking.  

PENCILS: Eric Basaldua  
INKS: Troy Zurel
PENCILS: Marcio Abreu
INKS: Troy Zurel

So.....I'll upload more information as it comes in the next few weeks...and some small previews as they finish.

On a lighter note - All four issues of Widow Warriors have hit the stores....go to you local comic shop and grab them.  Published by Dynamite Entertainment.


Troy Zurel

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