November 18, 2010

Well, I swallowed all your ideas. I'm going to digest them and see what comes out the other end.

Well.....sitting here most of the evening constructing this blog so all I really need to do is load pictures and write some stuff and that's it.  When it comes to updating, I'm pretty lazy in that I tend to have so many things going on that it tend to just slip my mind.

I've loaded some images from some of the Issues of Widow Warriors.  I'll probably beat this into the ground about buying copies until next year...and then move on....and promote something else.

Been working on some pinups.....talking to artist that I'll be teaming up with this winter for some pieces, and jumping back into coloring and penciling more.  Just been focused on inking so much and running my business and making sure that it runs itself pretty much so it can free up some of my time to concentrate on finishing commissions and starting an entire new batch of commissions.  No conventions until March 2011...which frees up a lot of my time to get things ready for next years and finish projects.

Been inking a lot of pinups as of late and been giving the superhero pages a rest for a little.  But, if something strikes me....I'll place it on a list of many others.
 So this is a Batman piece I saw that looked rather simplistic ...but once inked....reminded me a lot of Frank Miller in the lips, eye slant and five-o-clock shadow.

Pencils:  Lee Garbett
Inks:  Troy D. Zurel (DONT)

Below I have a couple pages from Widow Warriors.  This was a real fun book to do.  I had a lot of fun at least.  I worked on the title for 4 issues from November 2009 thru Fed 2010.  I really had no idea how was publishing the title and found out in April or May that it was going to be published under Dynamite Entertainment.  The first issue hit the stands in Aug 2010 and the 4th issue Nov 2010.

There were times that I really had no clue when an issue was coming out.  All in all, I made some good friends out of it, and had a blast doing it.

I'll be headed to conventions in 2011 with keep an eye out for them at my table.

As the pages went by I really go into it....started making the pages gritty...and harder than the smooth inking I started with.....adding more lines and sharper edges to hair.. and texturing.

Pencils: Pat Lee
Inks:  Troy D. Zurel

With that said....I've noticed a lot of trends while at girls are bad.  It's like the 90's are back in that I've noticed a lot of prints...and it's all TnA....which isn't a bad thing....just as long as there is some content to keep them company so it's not just flash.

Copics - the only way to go....I still love the texturing of watercolors.....and always will....but I don't see primsamarkers making a dent in artist switching back unless they rethink their markers and come out with something better or cheaper than Copics.

The best convention I've been to...hands down... New York Comic Con.  This show is amazing, it's what San Diego once was in the 90's.  I think after talking to artist I've known for years we have all come to the same understanding that conventions will never be like they once were.  So, planning is the key....and no more table's all standing banners with amazing artwork behind the artist...the thing is that they are cheap...and shipping is within a couple days longer are artist waiting weeks for them.

Well......this is the new blog, and a fresh start for the new year.

Cheers mate.

Troy D. Zurel (DONT)

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